Yesterday’s “run” (Sunday, 10/15/2017) was a true confidence builder.  “Ran” 14 miles and felt strong the entire way.

It was “less hot” here in South Florida; 76 at the start, 86 at the finish (instead of 80 to 90).

The “less hot” temperatures showed in all the mile splits; 1:00 full minute lower than prior weeks (see below).

Could have gone much longer than 14 miles, but had to get ready for an important lunch meeting.

“Ran” the first 13.1 miles (half-marathon distance) in 3 hours, 35 minutes and 45 seconds. Average per mile pace: 16:29. Burned 1,546 calories.

Weight up 3.2 lbs. this past week, from 165.5 to 168.7; which has everything to do with discovering a new very yummy “Healthy Choice, Cafe Steamer, Barbecue Seasoned Steak with Potatoes” at just 260 calories …

 IF one eats just one per meal 

It’s Monday morning now, and my weight is down 1.2 lbs since yesterday morning (168.7 to 167.5).  When I go to the grocery store today, I am buying just one “Healthy Choice, Cafe Steamer, Barbecue Seasoned Steak with Potatoes.”

Day//Date////Wgt.///Time///Miles/Pace////Cals//Temp///////Weather/////// Cml Miles
SU/Oct 15/168.7///3:51////14.00/16:29//1546/76-86//less hot & humid/ 125.37
SU/Oct 8///165.5///3:46////13.10/17:05//1398/79-89//humid////////////////// 111.37
SU/Oct 1///166.3///3:35////12.57/17:06///1331/80-88//umid/////////////////// 98.27
SU/Sep 24/169.4//4:51/////17.0//17:06///1799/xx-xx/////xxx///////////////////// 85.7
SU/Sep 17/171.3//4:03/////14.0//17:21///1479/77-88////Sunny//////////////// 68.7
SA/Sep 9///169.2///2:03/////7.6///16.55////815//86-85//Cldy,windy,poured 54.7
SU/Sep3////166.8///2:54///10.0///17:25///1057/77-86///Clear very humid/ 47.1
SA/Sep 2///167.0///0:51///03.0///16:54////321//77-75///Ovrcst lgt rain////// 37.1
SU/Aug 27//171.1///3:46//13.1////17:49//1384/75-86///Thin ovrcst////////// 34.1
SU/Aug 20//171.8///2:43//10.0////16.21//1114//82-78////Light rain//////////// 21.0
TH/Aug 17//171.9///0:32////2.0////16.09///225///xx-90/////////////////////////////// 11.0
MO/Aug 1///172.4///1:08////4.0////17.07///422///xx-90///////////////////////////////// 9.0
SU/Aug 13//172.2//////////////5.0////