Two Sundays ago, October 15th, “ran” a half-marathon (13.1 miles) in 3:35:45.

This past Sunday, October 22nd, ran a half-marathon in 3:33:24 … 2 minutes and 21 seconds faster  🙂

Pace per mile dropped from 16:29 to 16:17  🙂

I am really into improving my half-marathon time … and not into going longer distances to properly train for a marathon.

That said, much to my surprise, I registered for the A1A Fort Lauderdale marathon (4,000-5,000 runners) on Sunday, February 18th.  Maybe I should change my registration to the half-marathon, a race I absolutely know I will finish in a decent time … for a 75+ man.

Day//Date////Wgt.///Time///Miles/Pace////Cals//Temp///////Weather/////// Cml Miles
SU/Oct 22/167.2///3:33////13.10/16:17//1466/80-86//a steady breeze 138.47
SU/Oct 15/168.7///3:51////14.00/16:29//1546/76-86//less hot & humid/   125.37
SU/Oct 8///165.5///3:46////13.10/17:05//1398/79-89//humid//////////////////// 111.37 
SU/Oct 1///166.3///3:35////12.57/17:06///1331/80-88//umid/////////////////////   98.27
SU/Sep 24/169.4//4:51/////17.0//17:06///1799/xx-xx/////xxx/////////////////////    85.7
SU/Sep 17/171.3//4:03/////14.0//17:21///1479/77-88////Sunny////////////////    68.7
SA/Sep 9///169.2///2:03/////7.6///16.55////815//86-85///Cldy,windy,poured   54.7
SU/Sep3////166.8///2:54///10.0///17:25///1057/77-86///Clear very humid    47.1
SA/Sep 2///167.0///0:51///03.0///16:54////321//77-75///Ovrcst lgt rain/////     37.1
SU/Aug 27//171.1///3:46//13.1////17:49//1384/75-86///Thin ovrcst/////////     34.1
SU/Aug 20//171.8///2:43//10.0////16.21//1114//82-78////Light rain//////////     21.0
TH/Aug 17//171.9///0:32////2.0////16.09///225///xx-90//////////////////////////////   11.0
MO/Aug 1///172.4///1:08////4.0////17.07///422///xx-90///////////////////////////////    9.0
SU/Aug 13//172.2//////////////5.0////

Thanks to my CapturedDiscipline® safes, weight was down 1.5 lbs. this past week, from 168.7 to 167.2 (first thing Sunday morning to first thing Sunday morning).

I was asked this week, “Does running long distances help you lose weight?”  My answer is two-part:

Running is a huge factor in my not gaining weight.  All week long I think, “Don’t gain weight … you want to run lighter.”  That is an excellent motivator, all week long.

As for losing weight, watching how much I eat is the absolute key.  Almost always, on Monday morning, after a long run on Sunday, I weigh a little more, because after the run on Sunday, I treat myself to lots of good food and drink.  But the rest of the week, I carefully watch what I eat.

Speaking of weight, overweight, obesity, etc. … just below is the link to an October 13th article about obesity in the United States:

“The United States will not be escaping the obesity epidemic crisis anytime soon: Nearly 40% of adults and 19% of youth are obese, the highest rate the country has ever seen in all adults, according to research released Friday by the National Center for Health Statistics.”

Even our president is on the high end of the overweight range, or the low end of the obese range … depending on whether he is 6′ 2″ or 6′ 3″