Thanks to my CapturedDiscipline® Time-Lock Safes (currently: one for Cape Cod Potato Chips and one for a quart of Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream), the training for my November 5th private marathon (26.2 miles) is coming along.  With the help of the safes and the “running” exercise, I am gradually taking my weight down from 172 to 169.  Running 13 pounds lighter will make all the difference on November 5th.  Here’s a chart of my progress since August 13th.  I “hate” to take selfies, but some have asked that I post some video during training, and not just on the day of the marathon. Age is catching up on me and I do not like taking pictures or video of myself … but I’ll give it a try, maybe this Sunday, September 3rd.  The goal is another 13.1 miles, and a somewhat better pace than last Sunday’s slow 17 minutes and 49 seconds per mile.

Training stats for Sunday, November 5th private marathon “run” (26.2 miles):

Day   Date        Wgt.    Time   Miles   Pace      Cals    Temp    Weather      Cumulative Miles    Comment

SU     Aug 27    171.1   3:46   13.1     17:49    1384   75-86    Thin ovrcst            34.1                 Pace was very slow, but the goal was a half marathon distance (13.1 miles) … not “speed”

SU     Aug 20    171.8   2:43   10.0    16.21     1114    82-78    Light rain              21.0

TH     Aug 17    171.9              2.0      16.09     225     xx-90                                    11.0

MO    Aug 14    172.4    1:08    4.0     17.07     422     xx-90                                    9.0

SU     Aug 13    172.2              5.0                                                                               5.0