Training, exercising, dieting, for 26.2 marathon “run” on my 75th birthday.

9:25 a.m., Monday, September 25th: Lost 1.9 lbs. this past week, thanks to my CapturedDiscipline® safes.  One contains Cape Cod Potato Chips, the other holds a quart of Haagen Daz coffee ice cream.  I drool at the thought of them, but they are, as usual, time-locked-up until this evening.

Except for the last 3 torturous miles, had a really good “run” yesterday. “Ran” for 4 hours and 51 minutes; from 7:09 to 12 noon; burned 1,799 calories; pace per mile dropped from 17:21 last Sunday to 17:06 yesterday; weight dropped 1.9 lbs over the past week, from 171.3 to 169.4, and was 167.6 at this morning’s “weigh-in.”

Mile split times were lower, overall pace dropped from 17:21 to 17:06; and distance was longer by 3 miles (14 to 17).

Goal is to run my little private 26.2 mile marathon on November 5th at 159 lbs. That looks very attainable now:

Day//Date////Wgt.///Time///Miles/Pace////Cals//Temp///////Weather///////Cumulative Miles

SU/Sep 24/169.4//4:51/////17:0//17.06///1799/77-87////Ovcst, then hot sun 85.7
SU/Sep 17/171.3//4:03/////14.0//17:21///1479/77-88////Sunny///////////////////// 68.7
SA/Sep 9///169.2///2:03/////7.6///16.55////815//86-85////Cldy,windy,poured// 54.7
SU/Sep3////166.8///2:54///10.0///17:25//1057//77-86///Clear very humid///// 47.1
SA/Sep 2///167.0///0:51///03.0///16:54///321///77-75///Ovrcst lgt rain////////// 37.1
SU/Aug 27//171.1///3:46//13.1////17:49/1384///75-86///Thin ovrcst///////////// 34.1
SU/Aug 20//171.8///2:43//10.0////16.21/1114///82-78////Light rain/////////////// 21.0
TH/Aug 17//171.9///0:32////2.0////16.09///225///xx-90////////////////////////////////// 11.0
MO/Aug 1///172.4///1:08////4.0////17.07///422///xx-90/////////////////////////////////// 9.0
SU/Aug 13//172.2//////////////5.0////