During our 12 years, 9 months and 19 days in business (since April 8, 2008), at this same website (CapturedDiscipline.com), we have earned excellent ratings for product quality and  24-7-365 live Customer Service.

We have also built solid business history with PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, WordPress.com, authorize.net and SunTrust Merchant Services.

The following 135 customer testimonials are in the exact words of our customers:  


In her book The Willpower Instinct, author
Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D. favorably mentions

   the CapturedDiscipline® Safe


“Tom: Many thanks! I think this is will be one of the nicest gifts my friend will ever receive. Thanks for making such a beneficial product.”
– Austin, Texas

“Hello, I’m a happy user of the safe, which I think I bought last year or the year before. I love you guys! Thanks for making my life so much better.”
– Huntingtown, Maryland

“Thank you! Excellent service recovery! Something rare these days.”
– Pensacola, Florida

“Hats Off to CapturedDiscipline.
Tom, my safe has been a psychological game changer !!
Just outstanding, thanks so much.”
– Winston-Salem, North Carolina

“I have owned my Captured Discipline safe for about 6 years. I am a night eater. I like to have candy available for my grandchildren, but I want to keep it away from myself. I use the safe to store candy – open during the day – locked at night. I have also used it to lock away my dentures as this makes it harder to eat during my most vulnerable hours. The staff at this company is fantastic. I lost my key and they are replacing it at no charge. Its a great product if you need to “discipline” yourself”
– Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Thanks so much for providing a much-needed product! I have FINALLY found what I’m looking for in a time-lock safe. And I appreciate not only the product itself, but also the exceptional service! To offer to hold the key for your customers, and to be available 24 hours/day (which I have proven myself!) is a step above and beyond, and it shows that Tom & his team truly care about providing something valuable to the world. 3 cheers for Tom and Captured Discipline!”
– Eugene, Oregon

“Captured Discipline Safe has been indispensable for me. It fills an important need. I have relied upon it for several years now (January, 2018). It works fairly simple: input the numbers to set the time length, and then it locks up for that length of time! Fairly intuitive – it may give off an impression of being complicated, but it’s not. Highly recommended. Thank you so much, Tom!!”
 – New York City

“Captured Discipline has the best customer service I have ever experienced from any company. Enough said.”
–Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I use your safe religiously.”
– Indianapolis, Indiana

“Mr. Hitt … Wow. I commend you more than you know. I order online all the time and never have I received such a courteous email. Yes, let’s please change it to the 2-day option to get here on Saturday (and still save me $70.27!!). I am unemployed now so any bit of money helps. As I am sure is the case with many of your clients, I have an addiction that I must kick. I am not unemployed because of that addiction, but I could see if I continue down this path that it may lead to a job loss in the future. Once again, thank you so much for your email and yes, please change it to usps Saturday delivery. If there is any specific place that I can comment on your company, please let me know as I would love to give your organization a large KUDOS!”
– Chicago, Illinois

“I did NOT order your product because I wanted to. I ordered it because I needed to!!  And, because of the long lock-times the CapturedDiscipline(r) safes offer.”
– Dallas, Texas

“G’day. I LOVE this safe! I’ve been looking for something like this for ages, hadn’t found anything and yours is perfect! The YouTube instructions are great and one of the things I’ll be using my safe for is to lock my cell phone sim card away while I’m having a few drinks so that I don’t “drink dial.” My sim card is also my only access to the internet (very handy as well!). I SO LOVE your product, can’t say it enough!!!  Cheers,”
– Sydney, Australia

“I received my safe today and I am very pleased with it … the safe does do what it’s meant to do, and for that I am extremely happy with your product and I will if asked, highly recommend your product to anyone who might need one. Thank you once again  and my best regards,”
– United Kingdom

“I cannot express my appreciation enough in all of your efforts, in your notes and videos and emails.”

“When you’re retired, you have a lot of time on your hands … and a lot of temptations. You have a great product. It really helps.”
– Retired in Galveston, Texas

“Very clever, love this safe its just what i was looking for. Package came in 3 days, great customer service with a personal touch. I filled out the survey: Overall rating excellent. Price good. Shipping options excellent. Delivery excellent. Ease of purchase excellent. Customer service excellent.”
– Orlando, Florida

“Hi, wanted to let you know my safe with key in it is working perfectly. At times 1am I get so mad because there’s no way I can open it :)”
– Ponte Verda Beach, Florida

“Thank you for the info! Your safe works great and is a lifesaver.”
– Jacksonville, Florida

“This is my second safe. It really is a good tool!  I’ve upgraded to the model with the ‘piggy bank’ slot. I am using the safe to lock away my bank cards until the afternoon so i practice not drinking coffee in the morning.”
– Albuquerque, New Mexico

“A brilliant invention. My thanks to Tom and the creators of this important and advanced time machine.  This has improved my life dramatically.”
– New York City

“Hi Tom!  I am extremely satisfied with the Capture Discipline safe. For approx. 9 months I have been using it on a daily basis and it is vital for my personal productivity. It is simple and convenient to use. Just set the timer and it will remain locked for as long as needed. Tom and the folks at the company are genuine people who care for the customers and are reachable almost instantly to provide assistance if needed. I highly recommend this product and vouch for its quality and usefulness. Thanks alot again!”
– Another satisfied customer in … New York City

“Thank you very much, you have been very kind and helpful.”
– Silkeborg, Denmark

In the comment section of one of the orders over the weekend:

“This sounds like a great product. The inventor must be a clever man.”
– Jacksonville, Florida

“Many thanks indeed for such a quick response.  The red reset button! Thank goodness for the red reset button!

Excellent customer service so far, thanks again. Have a nice afternoon! Kind regards”

– Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK

“Thank you, Tom. I’m not using the safe for the kind of impulse control that is a threat to my health. You’re got a great tool here. I’m using it for time management. Great for multi-device multi-tasking addicts!”
– Springfield, Massachusetts

“This is my third CD safe…think you have come up with a great product. thanks. The longer max lock-time (999 hours instead of 99 hours) in the newer model is a big plus.”
– Wheaton, Illinois

“I’m always so close to resisting, but still fail 90% of the time. The safe takes options away and makes it effortless to avoid 100% of the time by deciding my choices when I’m not craving. Seriously, you have to be addicted to something to understand how useful and ingenious this thing is. Suffice it to say you’ve, done a great job.”
– Dayton, Ohio

“In early October, 2012, I purchased one of your newer 999 day safes.  Enjoying it very much. Would appreciate if you could now mail me the 2nd key…Thank you,” (Key sent the next day, Monday. We never charge for this service.)
– Chicago, Illinois

“This is my 2nd unit I am ordering. Thanks”
– Las Vegas, Nevada

“Thankyou for your wonderful product it is helping me to straighten out some problems I have had a long time.”
– Detroit, Michigan

“I love my CD 3.5, its such a blessing. I love the way you do business as well.Thank you for the personal help Tom !!!! May GOD bless your business and give you wisdom to handle such a blessing.”
– Toronto, Ontario

“I love it so much.”
– Vancouver, British Columbia

“Thank you for your patience. I can reliably work my CapturedDiscipline lockbox now. And I love it. Thank you for
saving me from myself!”
– Silver Spring, Maryland

“Thank you so much! Its good to be reminded that there are some genuinely nice companies out there. Almost makes me want to acquire some new addictions so i can use your services again! ? Seriously though its much appreciated Thanks Again”
– Liverpool, United Kingdom

“Thank you so much. A satisfied customer”
– Columbia, Missouri

“Very excited, I thought of this 10 years ago, but never looked on line to see what was out there. I know this is going to be great, very excited, just received it. Thanks for creating what I think is going to do me wonders !!!!!”
– Boston, Massachusetts

“Thanks for the reply. Love your safe SO much! I don’t like having to rely on willpower (who can trust themselves?!) or other people. With CapturedDiscipline and 2 refrigerator safes (one for the freezer, one for the fridge —>keys go in the CapturedDiscipline) I’ve lost 20lb, AND cut down on my spending. So it’s really working out for me. Absolutely happy with it!”
– Portland, Oregon

“I wanted to make as well my compliments for the idea, it is simply great!! :D”
– Losone, Switzerland

Customer filled out the Yahoo.com customer satisfaction survey:

“Overall Rating: Excellent
Comments: Price
Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent”
– Lakeland, Florida

“This timer lock-box has been very helpful for me.”
– Chattanooga, Tennessee

“Thank you for the email and confirmation. Looking forward to receiving the CapturedDiscipline Piggy Bank safe. It’s just what I need.”
– Brisbane, Australia

“Hi Tom! My name is —–, i just received the piggy bank safe, its so amazing.”
– New York, New York

“I am enjoying my safe and it is helping me.”
– Binghamton, New York

“I have been wishing for years for such an idea, and I have been looking for months on-line. I have ordered one of yours just now and look forward to the changes itwill enable me to implement in my life. Thank you for having such a great product.” – Tasmania, Australia

“Thanks – good service, intriguing product.”
– Falls Church, Virginia

“I bought one of your CD safes a couple of years ago (September of 2011). It works great by the way!Thanks.”
– British Columbia, Canada

“I’d like to say the captured discipline safe has been an awesome addition to my life and am glad you guys offer such a thing.”
– Atlanta, Georgia

“I have the safe and love it. I also want to get the piggy bank safe and set it for many months up to a year.”
– Las Vegas, Nevada

“Thank you for your prompt help and for creating such a fantastic product!”
– United Kingdom

“I purchased a safe from you in May of last year which was a Godsend to help me slowly detox off Oxycontin. (I was on it legally not for recreation and it is one of the hardest things to do). Now I need to use the safe for another purpose. Please send me a PDF file of the 3.0 Operating Instructions. Thank you.”
– Melbourne, Australia

“Rating Form: Overall Rating: Excellent / Price Rating: Good / Shipping Options Rating: Excellent / Delivery Rating: Excellent / Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent / Customer Service Rating: Excellent / Comments: Awesome customer service and a great product.”
– Tucson, Arizona

“By the way, this safe is a terrific idea.”
– Rockville, Maryland

“I love your safe.”
– Sydney, Australia

“Here’s how I used the box. I went to a small rented office (or a coffee shop), locked my car keys, wallet, and cell phone in the box for 4, 6, or 8 hours and went to work on my project. By doing this (in addition to using an internet filter to make sure I had no access to email and only the 2-3 websites I needed to do research), it was amazing how productive I was. By having no options other than to work, staying focused on my work was easy, even for me, someone who has struggled with ADHD in the past. In all seriousness, thanks!”
– Santa Monica, California

“I am really happy with my safe. I know how to use it, but as with any addiction, there is always an excuse for not using it. I am starting with short times then will move to longer as i trust the safe to open when i want it to. Thanks for a great product, and i look forward to sending you customers, Thanks”
– White Mountains National Forest, Maine

“I have a captured discipline box that I constantly used to help me finish my doctoral dissertation, and it was great.”
– Los Angeles, California

“I really like your product and the way you seem to run your company. Kudos!”
– Bethesda, Maryland

“Sincere thanks for your email, and your wonderful product! Now that I have learned how to use it, I find it thoroughly utilitarian and efficacious, and believe you are providing a wonderful service. My temptation is my smart phone which distracts me from the self-discipline required to apply myself to my work. Your instrument has now removed this time wasting temptation and allowed me peace of mind for concentration on my work.”
– Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia

“Thanks for the awesome product and service! Very satisfied.”
– Lincoln, Nebraska

“Tom, I hope all is well! The CapturedDiscipline safe has been an absolute godsend!!!”
– Tucson, Arizona

“My ex wife took my first box. But I like it so much that I’m buying one of my own.”
– Lancaster, Pennsylvania

“Hi, just received my safe last week and love the product. I really want to thank you as well for the fantastic product. I have already put it to good use and it was worth every penny.”
– Gaithersburg, Maryland

“I immediately was able to program the safe and it works great.”
– Cincinnati, Ohio

“Thanks for your response, Tom, and for producing such an incredibly useful product. It is quite elegant.”
– Arlington, Virginia

“Thank you so much for the prompt response, the safes worked wonders!”
– St. Charles, Missouri

“Tom, in December of 2011, I purchased an older (3.0) version and love it.”
– Scottsdale, Arizona

”I love the idea of this product so much, and it’s really important for me in my daily life.”
– Los Angeles, California

“Congratulations on a great invention and so well priced. It has arrived in NZ a week ago in perfect condition.”
– Invercargill, New Zealand

“EXCELLENT across the board! I’m sometimes still leery of making online purchases, but my concerns/questions were handled very professionally and put my mind at complete ease. My purchase arrived on time, exactly as expected. The product is truly amazing and does everything it claims (and more!); and the continued customer support/service is truly exemplary! The owner of the company truly cares about helping people and is not in this just for the $.”
– Tucson, Arizona

“Hope CapturedDiscipline® is rewarding you well. You definitely deserve $$$ for creating such an invention that can greatly improve the quality of life for so many people (and without harm/side effects like pharmaceutical drugs that supposedly “solve” problems, only to create a host of other issues).”
– Tucson, Arizona

“Thank you for the fantastic customer service. I appreciate it. I also would like to tell you that this is a brilliant product.”
Binghamton, New York

“It’s going to change my life. I have been looking for something just like this for a while. Thanks for the help.”
– Knoxville, Tennessee

“Pretty awesome”
– Wellington, New Zealand

“I absolutely love the product and am appreciative that someone had the foresight to manufacture it.”
– Ann Arbor, Michigan

“My captured discipline safe is great. I have two!”
– Escondido, California

“I think your product is genius!”
– Louisville, Kentucky

“I enjoy your product and hope to be able to benefit from it.”
– New York City

“thank you im planning on quitting a bad habit with your unit :)”
– Alberta, Canada

“I purchased it for my roommate … I think it’s a fabulous idea …”
Los Angeles, California

“What a service. Great! Thanks a lot!”
– Ghent, Belgium
Tom Hitt: Customer needed replacement keys asap, at no charge.

“thank you so much, great product”
– Portland, Oregon

“I love my safe.”
– Albuquerque, New Mexico

“I received my captured discipline safe, thanks. It is awesome.”
– Brisbane, Australia

“Thank you so much! I really believe in your product.”
– North Haledon, New Jersey

“Thanks Again Tom for your lightening quick response. Another refreshing aspect in the midst of chaos. Peace to you and yours. P.S. Super recommendations coming from me for your product and service! ;-)”
– Wilmington, North Carolina

“Thanks for timely shipment of the safe. I’m sure it will serve me well. Thanks again!”
– Van Nuys, California

“Thank you for sending another key so quickly. It arrived today. Also, I’d like you to know that your product has changed my life and I cannot thank you enough for that.”
– Joplin, Missouri

From the “Comment” section of the customer’s order: “Thanks for your prompt answer to my question regarding the battery!”
– Birmingham, Alabama

“Hi: I had a few questions not covered in the video. Anyway, love the product. If you ever decide to quit making them (Tom Hitt: not a chance of that :)) tell me so i can get another ;)”
– Orlando, Florida

“I have had your box for a couple of years and I love it.”
– Spokane, Washington

“Tom – I see that the cover is metal, is the bottom also metal?” Tom Hitt: Yes, insulated double steel wall construction on all six sides. “Fantastic product. Thanks.”
– Ghent, Belgium

“Thank you, Tom. For your help and for the product. It essentially can be a life changer for me, no exaggeration.”
– Topeka, Kansas

“Thank you for making this product. I really hope (and expect) that this will finally help me to quit smoking!”
– Seattle, Washington
Tom Hitt: It will. And, if you should relapse, or even think about relapsing, your CapturedDiscipline(r) safe will be right there, ready to help you, at no additional cost. It is truly a one-time purchase product that will serve you for years in a variety of ways.

“… it’s definitely a great product Thank you for producing this safe…”
– Bellevue, Washington

“I’ve had the safe for 16 months now, and it’s a good product.”
– Baltimore, Maryland

“Thank you. Your (email) response time is impressive.”
– Murfreesboro, Tennessee

“Thank you for getting the box to the UK so fast. The customs was very straight forward. I’ve looked for a box like this for many years. Great idea and should work with me. I work from home so I’m hoping it will stop me from getting started too early. All the best,”
– London, England

“I love my CapturedDiscipline(r) safe. I use it for junk food.”
– Raleigh, North Carolina

“The lock box is a wonderful idea~I purchased it for my adult son to try to quit smoking~however he was not as thrilled about the idea as I was! Sorry. Thanks for the no hassle return policy on refunds and shipping. I will recommend it if I have a chance with someone who may want to purchase from you!”
– Alexandria, Virginia

“Thank you (for emailing the 3.5 Operating Instructions and Tips). This clears it up. A video is difficult to search for a specific point. Nice unit by the way – well worth the price.”
– Port St. Lucie. Florida

“So far, I am impressed, encouraged and hopeful with this product of yours, thanks very much.”
– Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“i cant wait to enjoy the mental space from my “in home help” personal (time-lockable) organiser. i gave up cigs
by leaving my cig pack at the local 7/11 shop across the road, weaning off. I’m on Ecigs-vape now, and although its a better alternative, i tend to overdo Ecigs while surfing net etc.”

Tom Hitt: “Mental space” is a perfect description of what capturing your own discipline accomplishes, time after time.
Thank you for your email.

“I can’t express how grateful I am to have this safe help get my life back on track. Many thanks.”
– San Diego, California

“I just ordered my 2nd safe. Feel free to use my testimonial: … So I thought, what if I could bring the candy store to me. What if there was a timer lockbox where I could put my sugar “fix” stuff and only have access to it twice a day. I typed timer lockbox into google and tried many dozens of searches. Could not find any kind of a timer lockbox, except for pharmacy type devices which cost way too much. So I just gave up. But a year later I tried a google search again and found the CapturedDiscipline.com website. I have been using this timer lockbox, twice a day, for 6 months now. Problem completely solved! Thank you Captured Discipline!!
– Seattle, Washington

“I do not want to hear the beeping sound when the safe is done counting down. So I put the safe in an empty cardboard box, and the box in a far away closet, and I do not hear the beeping sound when the safe is done counting down. I love my cd safe. It has already made a huge difference in my life. Wish I could tell you what I’m using it for.”
– Boulder, Colorado

“I have been using my safe for a while now and I really like it. I have the system down and can set it almost effortlessly. It does work for creating captureddiscipline.”
– Boston, Massachusetts

“Overall I think your product is genius. I’ve passed on your information to the moderator of my addiction support group.”
– Los Angeles, California

“Hi there, my safe arrived from you last Monday (October 1), and it is already proving to be a great investment. It has proven to be a huge life-saver to me.”
– San Diego, California

“Your lock box has already proven very helpful to me in my personal weakness and it looks like I will now be able to function without going to one extreme or the other, both of which are debilitating for me.”
– Atlanta, Georgia

“Thanks Tom, Have a great day!”
 San Jose, California

“Thank you for offering the new 999 day 3.5 safe. My current 3.0 CD safe with a 4 day timer has been very good…really looking forward to receiving the new one. Thanks.”
– Bolingbrook, Illinois

“I have received my CapturedDiscipline 3.5 and I am very pleased with it. Congratulations, trust you are having business success!”
– London, England, UK

“I think this is a great product for people like me who have an addiction. I will be using it to provide me my “medicine” once a week. I can get along very well without it as long as I know that it is not available around the house. But I do appreciate the “inspiration” it provides me once a week. Your product is perfect.”
– Marietta, Georgia

“I have really enjoyed using it. It has been such a life saver.”
– Greensboro, North Carolina

“Hi, CD what a great product! can you ship to Asia? I live in Thailand and want to order.Thank you!”
Tom Hitt: Yes, we have shipped CapturedDiscipline® safes all over the world, to 24 countries, and counting.

“I have waited for more than a year for this model to come out. Thank you”
– San Jose, California

Tom Hitt: referring to the version 3.5 safe, with maximum lock-time of 999 days

“Thank you for a very helpful product.”
– Cypress, Texas

“Excellent product. It has been very important to me.”
– Albuquerque, New Mexico

“I kind of see what you did to get this box working and man that’s amazing to me – you made this product – AMAZING – I bow to you Tom. Just guessing on all of that but man – hope you do well with this product because it’s such an amazing device.”
– Tualatin, Oregon

“But thanks Tom for reaching out so fast on this and if I ever need to get another key I’ll certainly email back.”
– Princeton, New Jersey

“Your safe is a miracle, in 3 days it has controlled my addictive behavior.”
– Woodstock, Georgia

“Thanks Tom, I’m looking forward to my safe. What a great invention that I’m surprised no one else thought of before. Great work!”
– Beltsville, Maryland

“The keys came in today, again, thank you for your help and I will recommend your safe any chance I get!” Thank You!”
– Altamont, Illinois

“Thanks very much for your support and willingness to help. I appreciate it. Have a good day.”
– Los Angeles, California

“If you ever need someone to give a good opinion of your product I would be proud & happy to tell about my experiences. Thank you for everything.”
– Lakewood, California

“Thank you. In just one week I feel like I’ve turned my life around. CapturedDiscipline is exactly what I needed. Without it, I would have ‘rationalized’ and given in to my desires. With CapturedDiscipline I feel like I am ‘master of my domain’ and in time I’m pretty sure I can train myself to control myself without your product. Should I slip or fail it’s great to know that I can rely on CapturedDiscipline to get back on track.”
– Marietta, Georgia

“Thank you Tom! Where are you in Ft. Lauderdale? I visit there every month. I might need another one of your safes for a friend of mine … I could go and get it personally!!!???”
– Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“I really love the safe and use it to lock my … … … … … and it has been amazing. Thank you very much once again and congrats on an amazing product.”
– Austin, Texas

“Hi! I like my lock box, it is serving my purpose & I want another one, but a smaller one. Do you have a smaller CapturedDiscipline lock box. Thank you.”
– Ord, Nebraska

Tom Hitt: At this time, we have no plans to market a smaller CapturedDiscipline® safe. However, never say never.

“Thank you very much for my new safe. I have been using it over the past few days and I’m very grateful to have it.”
– Newport News, Virginia

“Thank you so much for the informative reply. Very professional. And on a Sunday no less!”
– Rochester, New Hampshire

“I love your timer-locking box.”
– Debary, Florida

“Your product is awesome. I am a smoker with no self will power. The type I smoke is not available in stores, therefore restocking is real time consuming and typically not a convenient option. Prior to having the box, even if I would go all day without smoking I would still find myself thinking about smoking all day. Now, when the box is closed and time-locked I don’t even think about smoking b/c there is nothing I can do about it. Again, your product is awesome.”
– Kyle, Texas

“The safe is already in my hands, thanks for your service, now I can put away things that can harm me. Thanks for the tracking information.”
– Medellin, Columbia

“Thank you again for … a wonderful, magical product.”
– Denver, Colorado

Tom Hitt: Thank you for the phrase … “A wonderful, magical product.”


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