Beat your habits with the power of time

The original time-delay lockbox by CapturedDiscipline ®

Using the CapturedDiscipline® Safe

Our clients have been using our time locking safes for over 12 years. We’ve helped thousands of people break bad habits and live better lives. Will you be next?


1. Choose Your Enemy

Decide which habit you want to beat. Place anything from a cell phone to a padlock key into your tried & tested CapturedDiscipline® lockbox.


2. Choose Your Time

Your CapturedDiscipline® safe can keep you from your habits for anywhere between 1 minute and 999 days. Lock away your phone for an hour or hide your cigarettes for a week.

3. Live a Better Life

Whether you’re trying to become a more productive person, beat an old habit, or simply instill self-discipline, you can do it with the help of CapturedDiscipline®.

“I am extremely satisfied with the CapturedDiscipline safe. For approx. 9 months I have been using it on a daily basis and it is vital for my personal productivity. Just set the timer and it will remain locked for as long as needed. Tom and the folks at the company are genuine people who care for the customers and are reachable almost instantly to provide assistance if needed. I highly recommend this product and vouch for its quality and usefulness.


New York City

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The Original CapturedDiscipline® Safe

The only legitimate vendor of the tried & tested CapturedDiscipline® lock-away box.


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CapturedDiscipline® Guarantee

Battery Operated (4xAA Included)
Lifetime customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I lock CapturedDiscipline® for?

From 1 minute to 999 days, CapturedDiscipline® is ready to help you regain control and increase your productivity.

What can I lock in my CapturedDiscipline® time-delay lockbox?

All the obvious distractions can be locked away including phones, cigarettes, candy, & alcohol. You can even lock away an entire cupboard by using a padlock and leaving the key in your CapturedDiscipline® safe.

Are batteries included?

4x AA batteries are included in your order. We believe that you should receive a product ready to go out of the box.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide. In fact, we’ve already shipped to 48 countries. Wherever you are in the world, we’re here to help.

Make a change in 2021

If you’re looking to make a change to your life, invest in the official CapturedDiscipline® lockbox today.