Thanks in large part to my CapturedDiscipline® safes; at the age of 75, I will be able to “run” and finish the A1A Ft. Lauderdale Marathon (26.2 miles) this coming Sunday, February 18th.

Before beginning to train for this event, my CapturedDiscipline® safes enabled me to lose 22 lbs (from 194 to 172).

During the 371 miles of marathon training, my CapturedDiscipline®  safes enabled me to lose another 14 lbs.

In total, my weight dropped from 194 lbs to 158 lbs, down 36 lbs.

This past weekend, when I ran a personal best 75th year half-marathon (13.1 miles), I learned that my ideal running weight is 162.5.

Here is my training log for the past 6 months.

I know I am self-promoting my own product, but, I could not have done this without CapturedDiscipline® safes.

Sunday, 2/11/2018:
On this last “run” before next Sunday’s A1A Ft. Lauderdale marathon, I ran a half-marathon in the personal best time since turning 75.  Have learned at the end of 371 miles of training that what and how much I eat the day before the run is really really important.

Have also learned that my ideal “running weight” is not less than 160.  It is …162.5.

Goal: Sunday 02/18 26.20 A1A Ft. Lauderdale Marathon (26.2 miles)

Day/DateWgt..TimeMilesPaceCalsTempTotal Miles
Su 02/11162.53:17:3813.115:05159074-80371.07
Su 02/04158.83:33:5513.116:19146968-76357.99
Su 01/28158.63:25:2513.115:40153371-73344.89
Su 01/21159.46:00:0822:4016:04255469-74331.79
Su 01/14160.15:32:4321.1115:45245850-59309.39
Su 01/07160.25:24:5120.415:55235050-67288.28
Su 12/31Ear buds failed. Can’t do this without uptempo rock ‘n’ roll
Su 12/24160.94:54:1218.3116:03209061-80267.88
Su 12/17162.83:31:2913.116.09148668-79249.57
Su 12/10163.54:21:2616.415:56188649-57236.47
Su 12/03165.64:11:5615.216:34167865-80220.07
Su 11/26166.73:47:071416:13158165-76204.87
Su 11/19164.63:24:4313.115:37153865-82190.87
Su 11/12165.23:33:4213.116:19147076-82177.77
Su 11/05166.73:33:0713.116:15147770-77164.67
Su 10/29168.73:25:xx13.115:46150670-74151.57
Su 10/22167.23:33:xx13.116:17146680-86138.47
Su 10/15168.73:51:xx1416:29154676-86125.37
Su 10/08165.53:46:xx13.117:05139879-89111.37
Su 10/01166.33:35:xx12.5717:06133180-8898.27
Su 09/24169.44:51:xx1717:061799xx-xx85.7
Su 09/17171.34:03:xx1417:21147977-8868.7
Sa 09/09169.22:03:xx7.616.55815x86-8554.7
Su 09/03166.82:54:xx1017:25105777-8647.1
Sa 09/22167.00:51:xx316:54321x77-7537.1
Su 08/27171.13:46:xx13.117:49138475-8634.1
Su 08/20171.82:43:xx1016.21111482-7821
Th 08/17171.90:32:xx216.09225xxx-9011
Mo 08/14172.41:08:xx417.07422xxx-909