Key Placement

NOTE: One key will be sent to you with your CapturedDiscipline® Safe.

Captured Disciple - your time locked safe with a keyWhile you are learning how to operate your CapturedDiscipline® Safe, we suggest you, temporarily, keep the key close by. Once you are comfortable with your CapturedDiscipline® Safe … and start using it to create real and irreversible CapturedDiscipline®, when you absolutely do not want to have access to the contents of your CapturedDiscipline® Safe during lock-time, you will want to “place” the key in a location where the key will absolutely not be available to you during lock-time … during times of temptation.

Never place the key to your CapturedDiscipline® safe inside the safe. Please believe us when we say, we consistently receive emails that start with … “I feel so silly; while I was learning how to use my CapturedDiscipline® safe, I accidentally locked it, for a long period of time, with nothing in it, except the key, and now I want to open the safe, so I can create real CapturedDiscipline® for myself … but but I can’t.”

We will always and immediately send you another key (at no charge), but it will be sent via the U.S. Mail, which takes 1 to 3 days, depending on how far away you live from Colorado, where our main facility is located.  Even longer if you live outside the US.

Here are nine suggestions for “placing” the key to your 3.5 CapturedDiscipline® Safe so that it is absolutely inaccessible to you during times of temptation:

  • If you have one, in your safety deposit box.
  • With a relative or friend who does not live close by.
  • With a relative or friend who does live nearby … someone you would be highly embarrassed to call and say, “Hi. I’ll be right over to pick up my safe key.  I’m giving in to temptation and I have to get into my CapturedDiscipline® safe … now.”
  • If it’s far enough away, at your place of employment (in your office, desk, file cabinet, locker, etc.).
  • At your request, hidden somewhere in your home, by a relative or friend who does not live with you.
  • At your request, hidden somewhere in your home, by a relative or friend who does live with you.
  • From Chloe in the United Kingdom: “Under a carefully located stone or in the bark of a tree in the bush some hours hike from home; such that going to get it would not be the easiest option in usual circumstances.”
  • Mail the key to yourself. However, you will probably graduate yourself from this method.
  • Or, mail the key back to us and we will secure both keys for you. If and when you request that we send the key(s) to you, we will immediately mail the key(s) to you via First Class U.S. Mail.  We never charge for this service.

There are almost certainly other ways to “place” the key so that it cannot be used during lock-time, during times of temptation. If you have a “placement” idea that we haven’t mentioned here, let us know and we will include your idea for past, present and future owners of a CapturedDiscipline® safe. 

As always, if you have any questions, please call 954-665-7454.  We answer our phones, live,          24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



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