I confess, I am addicted to the Internet.  Many of us, most of us, are, to some degree, addicted (yes, addicted) in a good AND/OR harmful way, to the Internet.  For example, I am, in my humble opinion, 70% good addicted to the Internet, and 30% bad addicted to the Internet. Under the “good” heading, the Internet allows me, instantly, whenever I want or need to, to keep up on “all” matters (around the entire world … THAT, never ceases to amaze me) … on all matters related to my business, CapturedDiscipline®,  Under the “bad” heading, I am guilty of spending too many minutes, that too often grow to an hour plus, of mindlessly surfing the Internet.  And so, when real and important work responsibilities require me TO STAY OFF THE INTERNET (a daily event) … and do the stuff that I have been procrastinating about (procrastinating, a hugely important subject for a post later this week) … I lock up my office desktop computer… literally.  Will my desktop computer fit inside my office CapturedDiscipline® safe?  No.  But … I disconnect the cord/cable that gives me access to the Internet, put it in my office CapturedDiscipline(r) Time-Lock safe, and set the time-lock for one or two hours.  It never ceases to amaze me how productive I am during those 1 to 2 hour breaks from the Internet.  I love the Interet.  But I also love the satisfaction of being able to stay away from it for the amount of time I need to meet my responsibilities.  Below (or above) is the link to the article I read this morning … that inspired today’s blog.