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Q. Who are we?

A. The concept of CapturedDiscipline® and the companion idea of the CapturedDiscipline® Safe, were envisioned and developed in 1992 by Tom Hitt.  Mr. Hitt was born in Boston, Massachusetts and graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  Mr. Hitt then lived in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for 38 consecutive years before moving his company to the mountains of Colorado in April of 2018.  Mr. Hitt has three children and three grandchildren 🙂

Q. Why might you need a CapturedDiscipline® Safe?

A. Imagine that you could have, right now, in your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the ability to securely, irretrievably and irreversibly … lock-away, from yourself, virtually anything, for any length of time that you need, from 1 minute to 999 days. This could be any item that is harming you, any item that is allowing you to continue an unhealthy habit, any item that is or might ultimately cause you serious health issues, up to and including … death.

Q. Where are orders for the CapturedDiscipline® Safe shipped from?

A. All orders are shipped from Paonia, Colorado. Orders received before 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time on a normal business day, are shipped the same day.  Orders received after 2:00 p.m. are shipped the next business day.

Q. Where can I purchase a CapturedDiscipline® safe?

A. With one exception, CapturedDiscipline® safes are available only on CapturedDiscipline.com.  The exception: at no charge, and with shipping charges refunded, we personally deliver CapturedDiscipline(r) safes at … The Diner, 203 Grand Avenue, Paonia, Colorado 81428.                The CapturedDiscipline(r) safe is the only reasonably priced digital steel safe that is equipped with a time-lock that empowers you to irretrievably lock-up and irreversibly lock-away, from yourself, virtually anything, large or small, for any length of time, from 1 minute to 999 days.

Q. Is the CapturedDiscipline® Safe effective for breaking unhealthy habits?

A. After 10 years and 2 months in business (the first CapturedDiscipline® safe was purchased in
April of 2008), thousands of our customers have confirmed that the CapturedDiscipline® Safe is a highly effective one-time purchase product for defeating unhealthy habits and successfully conquering any relapses (without the need to spend additional money).

Q. How is the CapturedDiscipline® Safe different from all the other products that are intended to help people overcome unhealthy habits?


  • The CapturedDiscipline® Safe is a one-time purchase, reusable product, that will pay for itself over and over again, in money, and, much more importantly … in good health.
  • The CapturedDiscipline(r) safe never requires an additional purchase of more products or services.
  • The CapturedDiscipline(r) safe Is always immediately available to help you defeat an unhealthy habit … or a potential relapse.
  • The CapturedDiscipline(r) safe never requires repeat purchases, prescriptions, doctor visits, etc.
  • The CapturedDiscipline(r) safe comes with a “100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee” … including shipping both ways.  You have nothing to lose … and everything to gain.
Q. What are the interior dimensions of the CapturedDiscipline® Safe?

A. The interior dimensions of a CapturedDiscipline® safe are 11 3/4 inches wide by 9 inches front to back by 4 1/4 inches deep.  If something you want to lock up for x amount of lock-time is too large to fit in the CapturedDiscipline® safe … lock it in a large enough padlockable container (or padlockable space) and put the padlock key in your CapturedDiscipline® safe.

Q. Is there any “CapturedDiscipline®” printing or advertising on the safe or the shipping carton?
A. No. Unfortunately some people have the impression that the safe has printing or advertising on it, as the result of finding old marketing photos that can still be found on the Internet. Rest assured … there is no printing or advertising on the safe or the shipping carton. The safe looks exactly like the image on the home page and in the instructional video.
Q. How strong is the CapturedDiscipline® Safe?
A. It has double steel wall construction with a layer of insulation in between.
Q. What can I lock up with a CapturedDiscipline® Safe?

A. Anything.  Really.  Virtually anything can be made inaccessible using the CapturedDiscipline® Safe. For example: cigarettes, fattening foods, alcohol, pills, television that you watch too often, the Internet that you spend too much time on, credit cards that you are overusing; or the cash, credit cards, debit cards, and checkbook you use to go out gambling. There are literally hundreds of other items that will fit safely and securely inside your CapturedDiscipline® safe, locked up for the amount of lock-time you selected.  But what if the item, items, are will not fit in my CapturedDiscipline(r) safe?  See next FAQ.


Q. How can a CapturedDiscipline® Safe be used to lock up larger items? Or items that need to be refrigerated?
A. The CapturedDiscipline® Safe can be used effectively on larger items by securing the larger items in a larger locked container or area and putting the key in the CapturedDiscipline® Safe. Imagine … a padlockable shed, a padlockable room, a padlockable closet, a padlockable large storage chest, a padlockable unbreakable hard plastic tool box (Home Depot has these in all the different sizes), etc., etc. You could even lock up your whole refrigerator or freezer with a plastic chain and padlock and put the key inside the The CapturedDiscipline® Safe!
Q. How can a CapturedDiscipline® Safe be used to lock up things like a television, a computer, the Internet, game playing, etc.?
A. Your CapturedDiscipline® Safe can contain the male end of a power cord that is permanently connected into the back of your television or computer, the mouse to your computer, the power cord to your computer, the power cord to your computer screen, the Ethernet cable that connects your computer to the Internet. Handheld devices and tablets will easily fit inside a 3.5 CapturedDiscipline(r) safe.
Q. What about relapses?
A. Unlike almost all other wellness products and services, CapturedDiscipline® does not say or infer that you will never relapse. CapturedDiscipline® does say, “If you relapse, if you are even thinking about a relapse, your CapturedDiscipline® Safe is right there, already in your home, already paid for in full, waiting to help you in your struggle with urges or relapse.”
Q. What are some examples of the more unique ways people have used the CapturedDiscipline® Safe?
A. People have used the CapturedDiscipline® Safe in literally hundreds of different ways. That’s why we say to use your imagination to come up with just the right solution for you.

Our customers have used their CapturedDiscipline® safes to help limit the time spent knitting (or on other hobbies), on the cell phone, on the Internet, on social media, watching hours and hours of television, spending hours playing computer or video games, etc.

Our customers report more than one way to use a CapturedDiscipline® Safe to help prevent driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. NOTE: Never lock your car keys in your CapturedDiscipline® Safe. Your car keys must always be available in the event of an emergency, but you can lock up the alcohol or lock up any money, credit or debit cards, driver’s license, etc..

Our customers have reported using the CapturedDiscipline® Safe to keep teenagers from using their parents’ prescription drugs: Many articles from reputable sources are detailing the new “drug of choice” for many teenagers is their parents’ prescription drugs. They will take, and ingest, any mood or mind altering drug from a “lockless” medicine cabinet, without any idea or care about the risks of taking that drug.

Our customers have reported using the CapturedDiscipline® Safe to keep them from losing all their money gambling. Imagine walking back to your hotel room in Las Vagas to get your credit and debit cards, to get more money to gamble with, more money to try to get back the money that you already lost. But then you remember, all your credit and debit cards are securely locked up in your CapturedDiscipline® Safe. How does that feel?

Our customers have reported using the CapturedDiscipline® Safe or CapturedDiscipline® Piggy Bank to save money and help their children learn the saving habit and the value of saving money. An example of using for the Piggy Bank is setting the lock-time to expire on a child’s birthday. A real piggy bank …an unbreakable steel piggy bank … a truly reusable piggy bank! Imagine how much money your child will save in one year, six months, two months, one month.

Our customers have reported using the CapturedDiscipline® Safe to hide a gift or love note until a certain time; or to lock up a diary or journal.

Some of our customers who are employers are painfully aware that health care costs continue to rise sharply, and give a CapturedDiscipline® Safe to each of their employees to help improve employee health, increase employee loyalty and morale, and reduce corporate health care costs. For employers purchasing CapturedDiscipline® Safes for their employees, contact us for quantity prices.

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