Exercise & CapturedDiscipline® Time-lock Safes

My 75th birthday is creeping up on me, so it's time to "run" a marathon (26.2 miles), to prove that my CapturedDiscipline® Time-Lock Safes (and I) are keeping me fit and healthy. The link to the excellent (imho) August 9, 2017 article (about exercise) that...

Addicted to the Internet? I confess, I am addicted to the Internet.  Many of us, most of us, are, to some degree, addicted (yes, addicted) in a good AND/OR harmful way, to the...

time-lock safe, time-lock box "Forest bathing" is good for you. Really. And a CapturedDiscipline® time-lock safe can get you there.  If you have a forest near you ... go walk in it.  Do you live near a lake?...


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