Training for: Sunday, November 5th, marathon distance “run” (26.2 miles):

This past Saturday morning (September 3rd) the humidity in Ft. Lauderdale, with clear skies, was 98% at 7:01 a.m. !!   After 4 miles, the humidity got to me. The next 6 miles were not fun. But I re-learned some things.  The one thing that challenges this almost 75 year-old body the most … high humidity.  When I run this marathon on November 5th, the humidity will almost certainly be dramatically lower, and the temperature range will be 67 to 82 instead of 75 to 90.  But for now, during the next 68 days of training, on any given day, the humidity and temperature could be an issue.  My job … to “run” as far as I can on any high humidity and/or high temperature days.  It’s character building.  I embrace it.  Sort of.   🙂

Two readers emailed and asked if I quoted the correct amount of calories for each of the frozen Morey’s Marinated Wild Alaskan Salmon fillets (at Costco).  So I double checked.  I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is … 245 calories, including the marinade.  They are really good.  Who says you can’t eat delicious food when you’re on a diet.  On a few days recently … I ate salmon for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Really.

Speaking of diets, last week I dropped from 171.1 to 166.8, a 4.3 lbs. drop.  I did not mean to lose that much.  Sometimes a CapturedDiscipline Time-Lock Safe works too well.  Really.

Finally, Hurricane Irma is aiming at Florida.  Instead of running next weekend … I may be hoping and praying that we are all safe.

Day//Date////Wgt.///Time///Miles/Pace////Cals//Temp///////Weather///////Cml Miles
SU/Sep3////166.8///2:54///10.0///17:25//1057//77-86///Clear very humid// 47.1
SA/Sep 2///167.0///0:51///03.0///16:54///321///77-75///Ovrcst lgt rain/////// 37.1
SU/Aug 27//171.1///3:46//13.1////17:49/1384///75-86///Thin ovrcst/////////// 34.1
SU/Aug 20//171.8///2:43//10.0////16.21/1114///82-78////Light rain///////////// 21.0
TH/Aug 17//171.9///0:32////2.0////16.09///225///xx-90//////////////////////////////// 11.0
MO/Aug 1///172.4///1:08////4.0////17.07///422///xx-90////////////////////////////////// 9.0
SU/Aug 13//172.2//////////////5.0////