“Forest bathing” is good for you. Really.

And a CapturedDiscipline® time-lock safe can get you there.  If you have a forest near you … go walk in it.  Do you live near a lake?  Go walk along its shore.  Is there an ocean near you (you are soooo lucky)?!  Go walk that ever-changing line where the ocean waves meet the beach.  Time-lock up the things that keep you sitting inside … and go to the forest, the lake, the ocean.

“The Forest Bathing Experience” … “Forest bathing requires a new way of looking at nature, at least for hikers, walkers, and bikers who take to the woods for adventure. Usually we go through the landscape fast. However, forest bathing is more about being here in the present than getting there.”

A CapturedDiscipline® time-lock safe will help you get to the forest, or the lake, or the beach.  Here’s the article about the benefits of all of the above: