habitsFor you or a loved one: a one-time purchase product. The CapturedDiscipline® 3.5 safe is a solid steel digital safe that limits access to items that are unhealthy, or can become unhealthy (or fatal) when not used in moderation. The safe works along with the instinctive, intuitive, desired, and repeatable ability of an individual, to voluntarily and irretrievably lock up anything, for any period of time they choose – from 1 minute to 999 days.

Use it to help:

  • quit smoking
  • lose weight and keep the weight off
  • moderate or quit drinking
  • quit drinking, especially during pregnancy
  • stop abuse of pills: prescription and non-prescription drugs
  • end an “addiction” to television
  • end an “addiction” to the Internet
  • reduce or quit gambling
  • stop abuse of credit cards – spend less money
  • save more money
  • and much more


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