CapturedDiscipline® – Digital Time-lock Steel Safe

A time-lock steel safe to help you defeat unhealthy habits

The CapturedDiscipline® 3.5 time-lock safe is a solid steel digital safe that limits access to items that are unhealthy, or can become unhealthy (or fatal) when not used in moderation. The safe works along with the instinctive, intuitive, desired, and repeatable ability of an individual, to voluntarily and irretrievably lock up anything, for any period of time they choose – from 1 minute to 999 days.

Defeat an unhealthy habit with a CapturedDiscipline time lock safe!Be empowered to truly lock tempting items away from … yourself!!

Using a CapturedDiscipline® time-lock safe is intuitive – you will just know the best way to use it for your particular situation. Our timer locking safe will increase your self confidence to achieve your goal. You can do it! The steps to success are easy – choose your goal, lock away the item of the habit you wish to change, then set the timer for the amount of time to elapse before you can have access to that item again.

The CapturedDiscipline® time-lock steel safe is a one-time purchase for you or a loved one that will help you make new healthy habits with success!

There are hundreds of ways to use a CapturedDiscipline® time-lock steel safe. Here are the most common uses of a CapturedDiscipline® safe. You will be able to take it from here.


Lock away anything in your time-lock safeStop smoking. Lock away your cigarettes in your time-lock safe. Lose weight and keep it off. Lock away food in your time-lock safe Stop abuse of credit cards . Lock away credit cards in your time-lock safe Stop abuse of prescription or non-prescription medicine . Lock away medicine in your time-lock safe Watching too much TV?  Lock away your tv remote in your time-lock safeDrinking too much?  Lock away your alcohol in your time-lock safe



The CapturedDiscipline® Time-Lock Steel Safe Will Help You:

  • Quit smoking
  • Lose weight and keep the weight off
  • Moderate or quit drinking
  • Quit drinking, especially during pregnancy
  • Stop abuse of pills: prescription and non-prescription drugs
  • End an “addiction” to television
  • End an “addiction” to the Internet
  • Reduce or quit gambling
  • Stop abuse of credit cards – spend less money
  • Save more money
  • and much more

Begin the journey to new and healthy habits with your very own CapturedDiscipline® time-lock steel safe.
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